2018 Debt Up $1.2trillion


Passing tax cuts where about 82% of those tax cuts went to the top 1% wasn’t that good of an idea.


They were really struggling


Like a turd in a snowbank.


So many crickets we need a frog


I like that. I’m taking it. It’s mine now.


Apparently the tea party wasn’t concerned about the deficit, but was actually a reaction to having a black man as president.


I’m just glad we finally have a president who is watching out for all the common billionaires out there.


I keep waiting for dems to stop complaining and offer a solution, but they are so dysfunctional they can’t even admit the drivers of the debt.

IN fact the only reason they these stories is hoping the GOP will start wanting to cut the debt before the election, so dem can’t yell about how reps want to kill grand ma. Well. Trumps not doing that, so Ha, ha!


Even if there is not huge tax gains, there’s barely a drop in tax collections considering the large tax cuts.

What solutions do dems offer? I’m guessing tax hikes. They’d rather the people be poor, than the govt…


The taxes that pay for parts of the budget that are driving up the deficits have not been cut.

Most of the left will not understand that sentence.


The solution was to not pass a big stimulative tax cut at full emplyment. Lol. You guys light the house on fire and then cry that your neighbors arent putying it out? The deficit was less than $500billion when trump took office. You guys control it all. And you DOUBLED it at full employment. Own it.


I wonder if they’ll still be able to fit into their Obama era Tea Party costumes.


They were never fiscal conservatives. Just like a lot of people that go to church aren’t Christians.


Team Red spent nearly a decade screaming and whining about debt and deficits and when they took power the deficit had been significantly reduced. Now Team Red is back in power and debt and deficits once again no longer matter (hi Dick Cheney) and are blowing up. Where’s the Tea Party these days? Where are all the fiscal conservatives? The Republican party is a hypocritical sham, always has been really. This reminds me of them whining and crying about the ACA for 7 years and not having ONE viable solution in all that time. They get back in power and don’t have a clue what to do.


It makes sense though doesn’t it? Trump had been trained to run scams since he was 3yo. Now that he’s in his 70s running a scam on the American people to get more money is nothing to him.

Donald Trump’s God is Money.


Ooooh ooh I know!

Repeal the tax cut that almost entirely went to corporations and the wealthy.


has a single trump supporter posted in this thread yet?


Nope, not a single one.


Strange. They had a lot to say when the black guy ran up big debts to save the economy…


They sure did.