2018 Debt Up $1.2trillion


Hey thanks for the articles. Clearly that should absolutely raise concerns, time will tell. I would in no be shocked to see a market sell before the end of the year. For me getting back to the original point about the debt, as far as I’m concerned its all about how gold trades.


You’ll get as much response from Trumpists here as has been seen in the “Kim and Donnie fall in love” thread.

Another day the deficit grows, another day the Tea Party Patriots sit on their hands and remain silent. Makes a person wonder what the Medicare Brigade’s protests against Obama were really about. :thinking:


Fleecing people is what con men do. Its unfortunate that this con man is fleecing the American people as a whole.


30 yr mortgage rate avg is up to 4.50% and it’s not going to get lower.


C’mon guys…we all know the real important issue is whether or not david Hogg tweeted people to boycott sponsors




Funny thread


At Trump’s next rally he can get a call-response going:

Trump - Who gives a ■■■■ about the debt?
Trump Zombies - We don’t! Lock her up! Build that wall! Love those dictators!


It’s so strange. 8 years ago, America was on her last leg, and the sleeping giant was awakening, and the Tea Party patriots were out to save our country.

It’s like there’s some sort of conservative boycott of talking about the debt right now. So weird.


America got great again so like loyal Patriot descending from Minutemans they went back to their scooter until the democratic part gets the house


Trump is cool.


Phase 2: Look at the skyrocketing deficit…we need to cut Entitlements!!!


Likely the single most important issue for conservatives outside of taxes has been the Deficit/debt. Looks like they don’t care anymore that the deficit literally more than doubled in a year.


They are ■■■■■■■ hypocrites, every single one of them.


Not to worry. Conservatives will see the error of their ways just as soon as Dems are back in control.


Well, as a fiscal conservative myself, there are a lot of so called conservatives that I see MIA in this thread for some odd reason.

Oddly, the vast majority of said so called conservatives seem to be fans of our so called president.


Fascinating that huh? How do you think they would respond if the same was happening under a democrat president?


I suspect they’d be screaming about how we’re in the midst of a national emergency in which we are sacrificing our great great great grandchildren’s livelihoods.


mmmm…yeah. Just checking.


I’m a fiscal conservative myself and first started getting concerned about the debt when Ross Perot was screaming about it. My feelings on the debt would be simply it’s not a major problem until the Market says so that’s why I always watching what gold does. If investors think the dollar is risky gold will likely skyrocket.