200,000 jobs added, wages jump by 2.9 percent in August

Your quotes might be messed up. You are quoting me for someone else’s responses and debating me on those responses. I believe you and I are singing from the same hymnal.

I’ve refuted these tired old charts in multiple threads. What I’ve found is that those regurgitating them have no clue as to what they are saying.

Kool-Aid drinker.

You’re wilfull denial is noted

Auto bailout
Continued Bush tax cuts
Implemented consumer protections to limit predatory lending
Implementing policies to help restructure federal student loans for the most needy

See I can list stuff too. But I am also not stupid enough to say unequivocally that these policies had a measurable effect oh the economy. Just like you don’t know if the tax cuts and deregulation had anything to do with the continued growth of the economy

Well that certainly put me in my place. :roll_eyes:

Nobody cares

Auto bailout took place 10 years ago. Its not remotely relevant to what is happening today.
It is laughable that you would credit Obama for not raising taxes as something that would stimulate the economy. As a point of fact, Obama actually raised taxes. He also added a significant number of burdensome regulations. Are those the policies you would point to for Trump’s booming economy?

Reducing taxes and getting rid of Obama’s burdensome regulations are directly responsible for Trump’s booming economy. We are on track to see 3% GDP growth in 2018 for the first time in 14 years. Something Obama could never accomplish. To laughably say that Obama is responsible for something he stated was no longer attainable and was never able to accomplish is just plain silly.

What’s a booming economy? What’s your def of it?

Great report btw.

So have nothing but RW talking points.

There is no RW talking point. Trump is responsible for the current booming economy. Obama isn’t. That is a fact.

A continued trend of Obama’s economy

Obama’s tax cuts were larger then Trumps. Please stop making ■■■■ up.

More RW talking points.

Those figures are meaningless without context. The employment-to-population ratio has been stronger under Trump.

I’ve always told people how the U3 is not a good measure of employment or the economy.

  1. The U3 can fall, making it seem like we have a good economy and high employment, when it only looks that way because the economy is so bad, and jobs so few, that millions of able bodied Americans have given up and left the labor force.

  2. The U3 can spike, making it look like we have bad economy with fewer jobs, when all it is, is a booming economy where millions of people who left the labor force are now hopeful and looking for work.

Isn’t that captured in the labor force participation number? Which is at about its floor?

Show me specifically where the economy accelerated its growth after a trump policy was implemented.

Otherwise you are making a correlation = Causation fallacy.

Thanks Obama!

So let’s review Obama’s tax cuts.

In 2009, he implemented a one-time tax credit as part of the stimulus package.
In 2013, he extended some of Bush’s tax cuts. Others were allowed to expire. The net is a tax increase, not a tax decrease.
In 2016, he made permanent some of the Bush tax cuts that were extended in 2013. Others were allowed to expire. The net is a tax increase, not a tax decrease.

Bush cut taxes, but was unable to make them permanent. Extending them once and then making them permanent doesn’t count as two tax decreases. :roll_eyes: