200,000 jobs added, wages jump by 2.9 percent in August

More great news on the Trump economy, and sad news for dems and swamp loving reps. More record low unemployment. Things are going great and only getting better. Obviously Americans made the right choice picking Trump.

  • Nonfarm payrolls grew by 201,000 in August. Economists surveyed by Reuters expected a 191,000 increase.
  • Average hourly earnings jumped by 2.9 percent, above the 2.7 percent increase expected.
  • The unemployment rate held near a generational low of 3.9 percent.
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Thanks Obama for getting this train moving down the track. Thanks Trump for not crashing it.

Lord knows everything else in his admin is a dumpster fire.

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Makes you wonder just what exactly are the Dems and Deep State resisting. :roll_eyes:

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It is a decent report. You did leave out that they revised the previous two months down by 50,000. Which isn’t good. The ten cent increase in wages is good. So year on year we’re at 2.9% wage increase. Just so we’re clear though, wages didn’t increase by 2.9% this month. That is misleading. A lot of people aren’t going to understand that. Or will intentionally paint that as something that it isn’t. Like people on this board who will think that wages increased by 2.9% last month. And that 2.9% year on year increase is exactly at current inflation. So that sucks. And labor participation(which I don’t personally care about) is down to below when Obama was president.

Be honest, you’d support Trump even if the economy was in the crapper.

Literally everything else. This is the only feather in his cap. I am glad to see the results, but this doesn’t cover for his dumpster fire of an admin.

So how long will that stale LW talking point be regurgitated? Trump’s second term? Pence’s first term? 30 years from now will Obama still get credit for everything good that takes place?

But we can once again clear this up if you can simply point to the specific Obama policies that are responsible for our booming economy. Thus far no one has been able to provide those specifics.

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For those who want to see the actual report:


Also, someone forgot to mention that manufacturing lost jobs in August. Hopefully not a trend. And the 93,000 manufacturing jobs we thought were created in May, June and July was knocked down to 62,000.

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Giving the previous President credit is an indication of how off the rails liberals and Dems really are :crazy_face: because as soon the current President reversed all of previous Presidents EO’s and lifted crushing regulations the economy was unleashed and consumer confidence shot up almost immediately and MAGA was and still is on a roll!! :us:


Except that job growth actually slowed and unemployment rates continued to decline in the same continuing trend as under Obama.

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Moving down the track as in TRAIN WRECK and thank you President Trump from stopping it in its tracks from crashing and burning the country.

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Why was the continuing decline in unemployment rates a disaster under Obama. And the new jobless claims at their lowest since the early 1970s? And why was better job growth causing us to crash and burn? Please explain?

This is what was more troubling to me. And I believe is a direct result of the trade wars that Trump has us fighting right now. I fear these trends will continue to grow as well. Especially if he moves to add the additional $200,000,000,000 in tariffs on Chinese imports and they retaliate with the expected $60,000,000,000 in tariffs.


Total training wreck. At least, trump.and the GOP were able to double the deficit to $1trillion st full emplyment. I guess deficit spending IS helpful

Congrats to Trump. Good economy so far.

And yet, somehow, new jobs slowed.

New jobs in first 20 months of Trump presidency: 3,842,000
New jobs in last 20 months of Obama Presidency: 4,218,000


The fact that you think Obama deserves no credit is laughable! I could point to many things Obama did to help the economy, but I have no hard evidence that those particular policies helped grow the economy.

By the same token, you have no way of knowing that a specific Trump policy help continue growth.

Trade wars help grow the economy.

You won’t because you can’t.

Tax cuts and removal of burdensome regulations. These are specific policies. Please provide Obama’s specific policies.