2 of 3 top level commies need to drop out to beat Biden

With Crazy Bernie, Warren and Harris dividing the left-wing communist votes, Biden is going to slip through the cracks and win the primary. So 2 of them need to drop out in order to defeat crazy Uncle Joe.

Which 2?

I’m sure the presidential candidates are scouring discussion forum boards in a quest to get career advice.


According to Emerson poll…only commie that can defeat Trump is crazy Bernie.

So if you want a commie to win, you first must defeat Crazy Uncle Joe.

I’ve been assured that we can’t trust polls.


Are you denying that 3 commies are splitting the votes?

There aren’t any votes to split yet. The primary doesn’t even start until next year.

We have no idea what is going to happen between now and then.

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The commies are going to cannibalize each other and allow Uncle Joe in. So 2 of those 3 needs to step aside.

Which 2?

Well, the Communist party would need to get some candidates first. We are discussing Democratic candidates now.

Why don’t we let the Communist Party worry about it’s candidates and let the Democratic Party worry about it’s candidates?


Still in denial.

2 decades ago libs denied they were progressive.
1 decades ago libs denied they were socialist
This decade libs are denying they’re communist.

What will they be denying next decade?

I don’t believe in polls. Do you?

Are you saying that when there are multiple candidates splitting the vote, a candidate not desired by the majority of the party and with poor qualifications can slip through and nab the nomination?

Hmm…imagine that…




Isn’t that what libs were telling us 4 years ago?



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so after all the lectures libs made during that time period they’re going to make the same mistake?

Is that what you’re telling me?

If the mistake becomes President, why should they care?

Are you saying Trump was a mistake?


This has got to stop. We need a progressive who will push open borders (while denying they are doing it), reparations, sanctuary cities, and redistribution. We need a nominee who will refute the conclusions of the Mueller report, or reinterpret them beyond recognition, and bring Trump to justice. I find that critical in the upcoming election.

If Trump is to be re elected, of course.

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Crazy sleepy Uncle Joe commies votes splits BAD scary trump lose!

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The 2020 democratic field reminds me a lot of the 2012 republican field.

I’m talking about the lecturing libs have done in 2015 of the mistakes were bout to make.

Why are they ignoring their own lecturing?