2 days ago Milo Yiannopoulos of breitbart called for gunning journalists. today someone did

of course now hes saying it was just a joke …

Of course it was a joke. Nobody would do something like that.

but a red chicken said mean things to sarah

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Wasn’t referring to our host Einstein.

Republican have been dehumanizing Journalist for years now.


Just another 2nd Amendment solution.

Yiannopoulos is just echoing the words of the President. The President has made it clear that the press is the enemy of the American people.

Half of Republicans believe the press is the enemy of the people.

Open season, no bag limits.


Trump is probably sad that the shooter will face state charges. Otherwise he’d be able to issue a pardon and signal to the rest of his delusional supporters that this OK.

As it is, I have a feeling he will find a way to minimize the crime and say something like “Well, they weren’t very fair to my campaign…”.

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If journalists weren’t treating Trump so unfairly all the time things like this wouldn’t happen.



. . . . .

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I’m blaming it on Maxine Waters.

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Even I wouldn’t say something that stupid.

Do we even know the motive or the shootings, doesn’t take long for someone to politicize it.

Did I need to include a smiley?

No, i got it. I do my humor dry.

Are you referring to our host?

Most times it disgruntled employee…so we’ll see soon enough.

Most admit I thought about what OP posted but then I came to my senses.

But the real question is, does he own a restaurant and did he ask Lyin’ Sarah Huck to leave? Cuz that appears to be more important. Telling alt-right cons that they should gun down journalists is child’s play compared to that.


Wonder if the Baltimore PD has forwarded along information to the NYPD to provoke this precautionary measure.

Something tells me that they have relayed information about the motive of the shooter to other law enforcement agencies.

LAPD doing the same