2 cops push over a 75 year old man and get suspended. entire emergency responce resigns in sympathy

No, you didn’t answer me. On more time… .

How much footage have you watched covering say the hour, half hour, even fifteen minutes that preceded this event?

Depends on the delivery system.

I’ve told you so many times I’ve watched the video.

If you weren’t so busy trying to prove how snooty you can get you’d recognize the singular in that answer.

So are you telling me there is a riot? At this point, you could easily make me look really dumb if you just post a video of the riot this old man was at.

Why can’t you just give me a straight answer?


You failed to answer the question.

Just how many seconds of what was going on there is shown on the video?

Isn’t this.

How much footage have you watched covering say the hour, half hour, even fifteen minutes that preceded this event?

I’m on board with that.

Man, in such a high tension situation, it was totally stupid to approach the cops like that.

Given the circumstances, nobody could know his intentions. He was rightfully viewed as a threat. He’s lucky he wasn’t billy-clubbed.

He didn’t get pushed all that hard.

Now that was what made the situation bad, in my view.

I see a couple things.

  1. One of the officers appears to have noticed the bleeding and attempted to stop and render aid… he was pushed forward by his superior who radioed someone.
  2. national gaurdsmen were rendering him aid within seconds

there is nothing wrong in this video.

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If you are going to use force at all, much less deadly force you are obligated to evaluate your target and decide how much force is appropriate.

You are also as a cop duty bound to use the minimum force necessary to affect the desired outcome.

As I have said, I have seen the video. a few angles. A few times. How ever long they are, I did not see a riot.

You’re the one writing out what is and isn’t “inexcuseable” behavior by the cops.

All I said is I didn’t see a riot. During our conversation I’ve looked for any evidence of a riot. I’m not coming up with anything.

So nothing has changed here. I said I didn’t see a riot. Did you see a riot?

I actually agree with this. That said, Buffalo police are ■■■■■■■■■

It is just goofy what is going on in this country because of one out of control cop and one confessed aggravated robber. Everybody needs to just stop, now.


we’re in the twilight zone

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I can pull up a twitter thread with 300+ incidents from the past week.

So it’s not just one. They’ve been trained to wage war on their neighbors. Look at 'em go.


I just don’t see much force at all – never mind deadly force.

Thank you! What is the matter with some people? :roll_eyes: If you’re 75 years old or a child you don’t belong at a riot and you don’t impede a line of law enforcement special forces unit trying to do their job. And if you bring your child to a violent riot you should be charged with child abuse or child endangerment at the very least.

In my town there is a young officer on life support after being shot in the head simply standing on the side walk in his uniform. There is tension in the police ranks and there are some thugs masquerading as protesters actually following police officers to their homes so we can expect more pushing, shoving and worse if this keeps up because cops have to protect themselves and their families and I am sure that is exactly what those officers who resigned are doing since their elected officials in NY are certainly not going to do it.

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I saw this too so the orders must be to keep moving forward & let a designated officer call in the incident.

Agreed, their offense was not offering aid after he was pushed and fell. For all they knew he was reaching for their weapons so the push was warranted.

Oh and there will certainly be an awful lot of cops looking for better jobs with all the cop hating going on.

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Actually, you linked to 10 videos of incidents that would never have happened if this nonsense hadn’t been started.
And you seem to link to accusations about the police. The people who are starting the violence, who are killing innocent people, who are burining buildings and looting…not so many links.


But, wouldn’t hwyflier have linked to that if it had happened?



The thread has many more than ten. He’s past 322. You can click “Show this thread” on the tweet i embedded.

As for nonsense and who started what, they can save it for their review boards and in many of those videos, judges.

The question is important because we’re only seeing a few seconds after a whole chain of events. (Neither the cops nor the old man got teleported into that space.)

The narrative is that the cops just randomly pushed the guy over. For no reason. To say that honestly, you would have to know what happened in the seconds before that video started. (Wanna bet whoever recorded that incident didn’t simply start where the released video started?) And what happened in the seconds (and minutes before that. And before that.

Is the suggestion that a whole column of riot-clad cops just decided to march down that street? If not, what prompted them to be there? If you want to say “peaceful protesters” (as is the standard media report for all these incidents), how do you know that?

Was there any interaction between the cops in the front and the old man as they neared each other? No orders to clear the sidewalk? No words from the old man. The video shows the old man saying something just before he got pushed. What was it?

Did the guy expect a column of riot police to stop because he chose to walk directly in their path?