19 years ago today

I won’t forget that morning. I woke up to a beautiful day. Clear blue sky. Its one of first memories of that day. How tranquil it felt that morning. That is, until the planes hit. How a beautiful day was turned so quickly. I took my boys to dc back in 2013. One of the stops we made was to the pentagon. We walked to the memorial site and being there felt so sobering.


I was eating breakfast at the dinner table in the morning before going to school.

I had dropped my wife off at work, stopped for gas and went into the convenience store to get a coffee before heading to the office. The clerk was watching tv and we both saw the second plane hit the tower. At the same time we both yelled “mother ■■■■■■■■
Went to my office, was listening to the radio, got to the office everyone was watching tv. The chaos, the horror. I called my Mom, she was 16 when the Imperial Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. My Mom told me to pray and pray the President does what’s right for the country. The owner of the company sent everyone home to be with their families. When the report of the Pentagon attack came I called a cousin who was a DOD employee with an office there. He answered his phone, he had a scheduled day off.
My sons and I took inventory of rifle, shotgun and pistol Ammo; did a weapons check on all. Not knowing what the heck was next.
I did a stint in the MDANG. After a few days I went to my old unit’s Armory. The place was in high gear and I went to the recruiting and retention office, handed over my jacket to see if they needed my 50 year old behind. The NCO laughed and told me: “I see you and I know what you did, we’ll call if we need you”. That unit was deployed to Iraq in 2008 to do convoy escorts; they lost a couple of men.

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