18 U.S.C Section 371

Yeah you gave the goal posts moving argument .you guys have been moving further and further back. First it was nobody talked to a Russian. Then it was nobody colluded…etc etc…

For us normal folks we see what’s coming…


Patience…we have gotten this far on telling you folks to let this run its course…

I never said any such thing, quit making stuff up.

What’s interesting is that many senior republicans are starting to change their tune. They have gone from saying “prove it!” That Trump was involved with the Kremlin at Trump Tower- to now…”yeah he likely was involved (even if he is still lying about it) but it’s no big deal to collude with our enemy to defeat a political opponent.”

It’s a pretty wild shift- but pretty obvious they were gonna go there.

Produce a few examples please.

Of what?

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I’m not gonna play with that angle…try again.

Or let the fact that you can’t support your claim stand.

My OP? It says if Mueller does issue indictments he is likely to issue this charge. No definitive there.

No, to the post which I replied to.


I don’t have to be a prosecutor to quote federal statute.

Which doesn’t support your claim of collusion. Try again.

Of course not but it would perhaps be helpful if you actually read them first.

We’re seeing the same goalpost shift from posters here


So what if Trump okayed secret meetings with the Kremlin to get help defeating their political opponent?


At least he wasn’t paying millions to get info from the Kremlin like his opponent.

That sounds more like what Hillary did with the Steele Dossier.

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It’s a nice try with the Steele Dossier but the two are apples and oranges. In one case the Trump team was directly solicited bubthebKremlin and took a meeting to get information to damage their political opponent. Hillary never made a secret agreement with the Kremlin.

And frankly if that case rose to the level of being problematic…Sessions would have had it investigated long ago.

Uh huh. Sure he would have. :roll_eyes: