155 MPH FURY: Hurricane Michael SLAMS Florida, Nears CAT 5

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/155-mph-fury-hurricane-michael-slams-florida-nears-cat-5/

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle Wednesday afternoon at winds just shy of a Category 5 storm; smashing the coastline with sustained winds of 155 mph and drenching downpours.

The National Hurricane Center confirmed the storm made landfall at approximately 1pm Wednesday afternoon and was moving north-northeast at 14 mph.

"Water levels continue to rise quickly along the coast of the Florida Panhandle, the NHC said. “A National Ocean Service water level station at Apalachicola recently reported over 5.5 feet of inundation above ground level.”

“Hurricane Michael is a dangerous, catastrophic life-threatening storm,” said a senior meteorologist at Fox News. “The panhandle of Florida has never had a Cat 4 landfall in their history, and Michael could go down as the strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. in the month of October.”