12 year old boy gives a lesson in gun safety

Don’t worry, the Biden gun grabbing is coming. He announced it today.


Trumpists are a threat that kids need to be prepared to thwart. I heard they attack people with American flags.


Too bad he didn’t kill both of em.

Might this be an example of the adage?

“Throw a rock at a pack of dogs, and the one that yelps is the one you hit.”


It’s getting there.

The alleged GOP senator from NC voted guilty in the impeachment.

He most certainly did.

you heard very very wrong

I saw.

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:rofl: Yeah, that’s just what he needs - a shrink.

Do we really need to quote whole threads of replies just to add on a 2-word response? :roll_eyes:

Because the expression points to the mindset of the storyteller.

Which then is a clue to what type of discussion it’s going to be.

I’m just glad he’s alive. Don’t assume he needs anything. He may be just fine.

Yes, but he’s starting with AR-15’s most of those are out in the burbs doing no harm to anyone… The pistol is the primary weapon in the hood.

The head of the household in most homes is not the dad. It’s the Grandmother. That’s an enormous problem.

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So he has a spine?

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Isn’t there already a thread going on this? Can we get back to the boy with the pistol?

Yeah. He probably does. Killing a person at 12? That’s gotta screw around with your head.

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Saving your grandmother doesn’t.

I hope he’s fine. But I’d be concerned for his mental health. Having a professional to talk to about it certainly couldn’t hurt.

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