12 year old boy gives a lesson in gun safety

Libs love to project themselves as “exerts” on gun safety. Even though most would not even know which end of the tube the round comes out of. In N. Carolina, a 12 year old young man gave a goon by the name of Khalil a much needed gun safety lesson. Good thing this happened in N.C. and not N.Y. or the boy might be in custody. Well done young man. And Godspeed Khalil.

12-year-old kills home intruder after 73-year-old woman shot during robbery (nypost.com)


How do you know over 50% of ‘libs’ “don’t know which end of the tube the round comes out of?”

Fair point. I was referring to the self proclaimed gun safety experts. Many who appear to have never touched a firearm. I think I read that 25 percent of firearm owners are democrats. So Nancy, Chuck and Joe are coming for the dems who have stepped out of line as well.

Simple mathematic extrapolation and a history of advocacy for nonsensical gun regulation.


So, no proof 50%of ‘libs’ “don’t know which end of the tube the round comes out of”.

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Right. No proof. I already admitted it. The democratic party is probably top heavy with gun safety experts. Still a heartwarming story though. Right?

Sure. Great story.

You are not beyond redemption.

why dont you participate in the discussion instead of just making an issue out of one particular expression in the post?



hearing this story made my day

i’m going to teach my kids how to shoot

they are eager

the earlier they learn the better

if democrats didnt control things this wouldnt happen.

but they turn the world into a sewer. so sadly it’s needed. it’s ironic they ruin society then harp about non-murderers being able to have guns

it’s like arguing with people who are maniacally insane raving lunatics

You’re a good dad.

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I’m guessing a lot of games of Lib Russian roulette end with a bullet in the opposite wall?

thank you! very kind

i want my kids to be able to defend themselves in this stupid leftist ruined society.

Hope this kid gets counseling to deal with such a traumatic event. Can’t imagine having to deal with that at such a young age.


I want my kids to able to defend themselves against the stupid Trumpist society.

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This happened in the stupid leftist ruined society of North Carolina.

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Gawd, if the was to post just the story, the lib slamming wouldn’t have been there.

the destruction of the inner cities, the black community and the benefits of stable marriage are not products of “trump-ists”

my goodness. who or what taught you that nonsense?

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thats right. glad you’re learning!