11 reasons to impeach

The Mueller report did list any, but the Star report listed 11 grounds for impeachment of President Clinton. Yet many Democrats who opposed impeachment of Clinton are now proposing to impeach Trump.

Can you imagine the nonstop media frenzy if even one of these grounds for impeachment from the Starr report applied to Trump?

For reference here is the list from the 1998 report:

  1. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil case when he denied a sexual affair, a sexual relationship, or sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

  2. President Clinton lied under oath to the grand jury about his sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

  3. In his civil deposition, to support his false statement about the sexual relationship, President Clinton also lied under oath about being alone with Ms. Lewinsky and about the many gifts exchanged between Ms. Lewinsky and him.

  4. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil deposition about his discussions with Ms. Lewinsky concerning her involvement in the Jones case.

  5. During the Jones case, the President obstructed justice and had an understanding with Ms. Lewinsky to jointly conceal the truth about their relationship by concealing gifts subpoenaed by Ms. Jones’s attorneys.

  6. During the Jones case, the President obstructed justice and had an understanding with Ms. Lewinsky to jointly conceal the truth of their relationship from the judicial process by a scheme that included the following means: (i) Both the President and Ms. Lewinsky understood that they would lie under oath in the Jones case about their sexual relationship; (ii) the President suggested to Ms. Lewinsky that she prepare an affidavit that, for the President’s purposes, would memorialize her testimony under oath and could be used to prevent questioning of both of them about their relationship; (iii) Ms. Lewinsky signed and filed the false affidavit; (iv) the President used Ms. Lewinsky’s false affidavit at his deposition in an attempt to head off questions about Ms. Lewinsky; and (v) when that failed, the President lied under oath at his civil deposition about the relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

  7. President Clinton endeavored to obstruct justice by helping Ms. Lewinsky obtain a job in New York at a time when she would have been a witness harmful to him were she to tell the truth in the Jones case.

  8. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil deposition about his discussions with Vernon Jordan concerning Ms. Lewinsky’s involvement in the Jones case.

  9. The President improperly tampered with a potential witness by attempting to corruptly influence the testimony of his personal secretary, Betty Currie, in the days after his civil deposition.

  10. President Clinton endeavored to obstruct justice during the grand jury investigation by refusing to testify for seven months and lying to senior White House aides with knowledge that they would relay the President’s false statements to the grand jury – and did thereby deceive, obstruct, and impede the grand jury.

  11. President Clinton abused his constitutional authority by (i) lying to the public and the Congress in January 1998 about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky; (ii) promising at that time to cooperate fully with the grand jury investigation; (iii) later refusing six invitations to testify voluntarily to the grand jury; (iv) invoking Executive Privilege; (v) lying to the grand jury in August 1998; and (vi) lying again to the public and Congress on August 17, 1998 – all as part of an effort to hinder, impede, and deflect possible inquiry by the Congress of the United States."[9]

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How does Clinton make Trump less of a criminal? They are both liars…

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As soon as you get 50% of the repugs in the senate behind impeachment we’ll get right on it.

Where has Trump lied under oath or asked anyone else to lie under oath?

Prove to me that Trump is a criminal. What is the evidence of that?

They CAUGHT Clinton lying under oath and asking others to do so - CLEAR crimes.

The Dems in the Senate said, “Yes, but he was lying to try to save his reputation and he shouldn’t be removed from office for that.”

So, no removal from office for criminal lying - as long as you’re a Democrat.



It’s interesting to see we’ve gone from Trump hasn’t done anything wrong to “well, prove it was illegal”.
And as a bonus: Trump is no worse than the impeached Bill Clinton.


5 years from now it will be…’‘Donald who?’’


Nope it’s going to be " Donald that liberal democract from new York


For equivalency, let’s have Trump under oath and depose him…

5 years? Try 5 months.

If only Trump had only testified under oath.

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Is that what it took for repugs to impeach Clinton?

I wouldn’t say “liberal”.

I think the problem they have is that the vast majority of the things that outrage them (and me), he did before he was President.

He is not a “good” person.

And the things he has done since then are either escalations of what was done previously or are within his delegated authority or are being addressed appropriately.

Doesn’t matter because the Mueller investigation was a fraud based off the fact the Steele dossier was never verified and the image data was never verified!

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The dimocrats are far too cowardly to impeach trump. newt would have had it done by now.

We’ve been hearing about impeaching trump, kavanaugh and now barr, but nothing.

They’re just trying to keep the crazies interested.

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Las time I looked it IS upon the PROSECUTOR to prove someone guilty, NOT the accused to prove his innocence, friend.
You have the facts upside down.

Make that 6 y from now but more likely “Too bad the greatest Prez. had to leave the office in a peaceful transition of power just like in the last 200 plus years”.


As a material witness in a coup/deep state trials…yeah, it may happen.

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10 char.

Anyone else remember 8 years of, “IMPEACH BOOOOSH THE WAR CRIMINAL!”?

35 articles of impeachment?

Good times. :slight_smile:

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