10 killed, 15 injured in van attack in downtown Toronto

today 10 people where killed in an deliberate attack in downtown Toronto, the attacker appear to suffer toxic masculinity blaming woman for his motives in online posting.

TORONTO — The end was valiant and restrained as surely as the incident itself was sickening and deadly. Toronto police say 10 people are dead and 15 injured after a rental van mowed through pedestrians along a busy Yonge Street on Monday afternoon, stopping for nothing: not people, not a bus shelter, not fire hydrants, not a mailbox.

The dead and injured, some sent flying, some run over, some dragged and some pinned, lay in its wake as people rushed to help the wounded. Authorities offered no motive — but Toronto police chief Mark Saunders called it a “homicide investigation” and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale suggested it wasn’t a terrorist act, saying there appears to be “no national security connection.”

Absolutely horrific.

The way the article describes it, there is no way this man would have survived a similar encounter with American police. That’s not a a judgment call, just an objective observation.

police rarely used their fire-arm in Canada, though he would have been 100% justified to used it in this situation just his personal call on the ground,.

That was my interpretation as well, but it does make me wonder about the differences in training.

When will the calls to ban vehicles over 2,000 pounds begin?


There will be enough people bringing this level of silly into the new community without you adding to the mix, @WildRose.


Based on what premise exactly? He wasn’t armed and he’d exited the vehicle thus he was no longer a deadly threat.

The officers were apparently close enough to see that whatever he had in his hand was not a gun. The officer that effected the arrest didn’t even have his weapon drawn. It appears he had his baton in one hand and maybe a taser in the other.

You mean the van is not to blame?

Depends - was it black and scary-looking?

It’s white and probably was damned scary looking to everyone in front of it till it came to a stop.

It did have a scary black “assault grill” though.

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he had his hand in his pocket saying he had a gun and he would shoot the officer.

And the cop was close enough to see it wasn’t a gun or knife or weapon of any kind.

It was also clear he intention was murder by cop once get exited the van he was begging them to shot him so it was unlikely he was armed.

That’s called “suicide by cop”, which he’d have probably achieved had he been waiving an actual weapon around of the cops had not been able to see clearly that it wasn’t a weapon.

Where are you getting this motivation from? According to CBC the police have said nothing about his motive.

This is a really horrific and tragic event. I heard a couple of witnesses being interviewed, and they were very traumatized and upset, which of course is completely understandable. Also heard many uninjured people immediately went to help the victims. Good for them to have the presence of mind to do what they could to help, as I would think a natural reaction would be to run away.

It really goes to show how fragile life can be. Several people were walking down a street and had their lives suddenly ended, or changed forever.

Where did you get that information?

Watching the posted videos on youtube and CBC. The first cop to confront him was within 30’ and it was broad daylight when he stepped out of the van into the sun. The second was within about 15’ and didn’t even bother unholstering his gun, he just drew his baton and what looks like maybe a taser.

The guy wanted to get shot to death, not take a beating or get fried so he apparently decided it was time to give up.

I was meaning where did CJ get the information that the killer wanted a suicide by cop. I didn’t watch the videos posted here, but on CBS and NBC. They didn’t mention that, but then that was several hours ago, and the story is still unfolding.

So glad the police have him in custody. and hope he’s never released.

He was begging the cops to shoot him. It’s in the reports and you can hear it in the videos.