10 Democrats qualify for the next Debate in September

August 28th was the cutoff date. Only 10 made it this time around. Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, and Marianne Williamson just missed the cut. They made the donor threshold, but not the polling. Steyer needed one more at least 2% in a major poll. Gabbard needed 2. Williamson needed 3.

Here’s the August polling average (only DNC approved polls):

Biden - 29% (4 first place finishes, 1 third place)
Warren - 17% (1 first and third place finish, 3 second place)
Sanders - 14% (1 first and second place, 3 third place)
Harris - 7%
Buttigieg - 5%
Yang - 3%
Booker & O’Rourke - 2%
Castro, Gabbard, and Klobuchar - 1%

All five of the DNC-approved polls - Fox News, CNN, Quinnipiac, Monmouth, and USA Today – this month had Biden, Sanders, and Warren in the top 3. These three candidates seem to be pulling away from the rest of the pack.

Monmouth was the only major poll to show Biden not leading the pack. The poll/survey only sampled 299 people, and they had Sanders and Warren tied for first place at 20% and Biden at 19%. Basically a statistical tie.

Besides Monmouth, Biden seems to have a comfortable lead. Fox had him leading by at least 11%. CNN has him leading by at least 14%. Quinnipiac had him leading by at least 13%. The USA Today had him leading by at least 18%.

So despite the “Biden is done” callings in the media, the DNC base seems to think he’s their best shot. We will see what happens in the fall and winter. Can Biden maintain his momentum? Warren seems to be gaining ground every month.