1 victim dead, 6 wounded after gunman opens fire, kills himself at Tallahassee yoga studio

Well, the crazy man tried to gun down six people before shooting himself. I guess only one murder from this shooting is good? Although 2-3 are still in serious condition at the hospital.

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Here we go again.

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its a brand new month

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I guess people need to pack heat in their yoga pants now.

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So . . . I guess this is the type of topic that has become so commonplace now that there’s nothing to say–other than “get used to it?”

Yes, get used to it.

Yoga instructors need to be armed or at the very least we need emergency use only weaponry in gyms across the nation.

Arm our fitness instructions, for the sake of our youth arm them now or at the very least having armed guards at gyms is a sensible precaution.

Sorry I know I did a very poor impression of Cali - he does this much better than me :grinning:

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Trust, we’re used to it. I don’t even care anymore if a Trump supporter mows down a synagogue.

My day doesn’t feel complete without it.

To me it’s news because we seem to be getting more than our share of mass shootings down here in Florida.

Looks like it’s another Incel.

Btw, here are the 2 women that this man gunned down while they were exercising. All because he couldn’t have sex with women. One was a college senior getting ready to start her life. The other was a mom.

If only the NRA supporting gun manufacturers could have sold 10% more guns last year, this never would have happened.

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Five bucks says somebody comes up with some kind of exercise holster.

Wonder if someone will bring up “price of freedom.”

It just seems to me Yoga and guns dont mix



That appears to be the monthly membership at a yoga studio.

Only libs do yoga so members of the nationalist party won’t care.

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I go to the gym every day. I guess I’m gonna need the the staff (usually 18yos) at the front desk to be armed. Or maybe a gun app on my phone.

Guns are awesome!