$1.3 TRILLION Added To Debt Since Last Dec


Fiscal conservatives strike again. Since last december, Trump and the GOP have added $1.3trillion debt to our children’s future! AND that’s at full employment! MAGA

Dont worry theyll keep you distracted with the wall


So essentially the same as we added during the worst of the recession when we had around 10% unemployment and were passing stimulus bills to help turn things around.

Also basically the same as what Obama added during the last 3 years of his administration combined.


Now that’s what I call fiscal conservatism!


It is a complete and total dereliction of duty by President Trump and the Republican Party. They should be ashamed of themselves, and their supporters should be as well. I doubt any of them care though.


Man, those tea party rallies are going to be gargantuan…

And the wall to wall coverage by fox is going to be phenomenal…


How any Trump supporter can be called conservative these days is beyond me.


They’re the Nationalist Party.

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This thread will be empty of trump supporters

Because they don’t actually care about reality anymore. You could see that it another thread from a Trump supporter that ended up being heavily edited by the mods for some reason. The poster was adamant about supporting Trump because of his fiscal/social conservatism.

How is he actually fiscal conservative in nature?
How is cheering for a serial philanderer socially conservative?

Who can say? When reality doesn’t matter…when nobody is actually held accountable for their lies and misdeeds…when words don’t matter…well than you end up with the modern Republican party we see today.



Republicans added over a trillion in debt while in control of all theee branches of government and they never found 5 billion for trumps wall?

Yet somehow it is the dema fault now?



This - 1000 times over.

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They are too busy organizing the massive tea party rallies…

Because, as they told us repeatedly, the tea party was about fiscal responsibility and had nothing to do with a black man being president…

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Precisely why I can’t support Trump - I’m a fiscal conservative, and these deficits and additional debt load are anything but fiscally responsible.

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Remember when cons were also about “family values” before electing trump?

I’m telling you any day now the Tea Party will come out in droves against this… taps foot

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Yep. Another reason I’m frustrated with those who call themselves cons but fell in line with a man who is the total rejection of those family values.

Remember when it was an absolute requirement for Presidential candidates to have served in the military? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

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Individual 1 has faced his own personal Vietnam. That counts for something, right?

Extraordinary. The same as the last 3 years of Obama’s last years combined. Full employment and great economy.

What a failure. Unbelievable.


Trump only has the biggest and the best failures.