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DEVELOPING: ‘Yellow Vest’ Movement Hits UK, Brexit Activists ‘SHUT DOWN’ Tower Bridge (1)
IT BEGINS: Democrat Presidential Candidate Says US ‘Needs’ $32T ‘Medicare for All’ (1)
REPORT: Hundreds of Residents Fleeing NYC, LA, Chicago on a DAILY BASIS (1)
LIBERAL LOGIC: Website Complains There are More Golf Courses in the US than Migrants in Tijuana (1)
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CORTEZ: American Millennials are ‘Killing Paper Napkins, Diamond Rings, Avocado Toast’ (5)
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HELL FREEZES OVER: California Governor Says Democrat Party TOO LIBERAL for ‘Majority of People’ (1)
GREAT AGAIN: US Jobless Claims ‘TUMBLE’ to 49-YEAR-LOW (2)
ANTI-AMAZON: New Yorkers Fume, Protest New Amazon Headquarters in Queens (1)
MAXINE EXPLODES: Waters Says Trump ‘Deserves Impeachment’ for 'Loving Dictators' (1)
COMEY’S ADMISSION: Former FBI Boss Says He BROKE PROTOCOL During Michael Flynn Interview (3)
PARKLAND UPDATE: Public Safety Commission Recommends Arming Teachers to Stop Shootings (1)
NOT SO FAST: Feds Moves to BLOCK California’s Text Message Tax (2)
REPORT: DOJ Inspector General Discovers 19,000 Missing Strzok-Page Text Messages (1)
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